Foot Traffic Golf Socks for Men and Women

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As time moves forward things change and so it did in GOLF. "Gentleman Only Ladies Forbidden" of course this is an Urban Legend or so they say! Golf came from other words meaning to strike or cuff with a bat or club. The Royal and Ancient Golf Club in 2014 just voted to allow women to be members.

These two socks blend together well. Go out and have fun!

The Women's Foot Traffic Golf Sock starts out with a Cuff of Lincoln Green Medium Stripes and Lime Green Small Stripes. The  Heel and Toes are Lincoln Green as well as the Rough. The Balls are White with Shadows of Black showing Dimples in them. The Tees are bright colors of Red, Orange, Bright Lime Green, Turquoise and Orange-Red.

The Men's Foot Traffic Golf Sock starts with a longer Cuff of Medium Lime Stripes and Lincoln Green Small Stripes. The Heels and Toes are of Lime Green, with the main Grass being Lincoln Green. The Rough is a Dark Green. The Golf Balls are White and the Dimples are shown with Shadows of Black. The Tees are Red, Orange, Orange-Red and Blue.

Made in Taiwan
Women's Size 
Fits Shoe Size 4-10

Men's Size
Fits Shoe Size 7-12

Washing Instructions:
Machine Wash Warm
Do Not Bleach 
Dry Low Heat

65% Cotton
15% Nylon
15% Polyester 
05% Spandex

$ 7.00 $ 9.00

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