Foot Traffic Ballet Shoe Sock

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Foot Traffic Ballet Shoe Sock starts out with a Pink top from the Cuff to the top of the foot. Think of it as wearing Pink Tights. Now slip into the Black Ballet Shoes.  They are all Black with Pink Stitching around the opening and the Elastic Black Band. The Ribbon Ties are Black that Lace up your ankle and are tied in a bow at the back of the Sock. This Sock is a Size Medium. If you like Slipper Non-Skid Socks check out the Foot Traffic Ballet Slipper Sock here.

Made in Taiwan
Women's Size 
Fits Shoe Size 4-10

Washing Instructions:
Machine Wash Warm
Do Not Bleach 
Dry Low Heat

65% Cotton
15% Nylon
15% Polyester 
05% Spandex
$ 6.00 $ 8.00

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