FBF Red Fox Sock

Product Description
The Red Fox has a huge range, it runs from the Arctic Circle to Australia.  It was introduced into Australia and now is not welcomed there.  The Red Fox is a social animal and has a dominate mated pair and older children help to take care of the newborns called kits.  The Red Fox preys on small rodents and will also eat berries and other foods as well.

The Red Fox Sock starts with a Black background. The Red Fox has three poses that continue over the sock from below the Cuff to the Toe.  The first is the Red Fox sitting, looking out and has its long tail wrapped in front.  The second position is the Red Fox standing alert possibly poised to jump onto his prey.  The third pose is the Red Fox nose to ground smelling out his prey.  The colors on the Red Fox are Ruddy Brown, Chocolate Brown, Tan, Coral, White and Black
This sock comes in a size Medium.  Please check our Size Chart for help.

Made in the USA
76% Acrylic
21% Stretch Nylon
02% Spandex
01% Rubber
Elastic: Nylon, Latex Rubber
Acrylic has a built in moisture management system in which the fiber wicks perspiration and moisture away, helping keep feet healthy and dry.
Anatomically formed heel for perfect fit.
Washing Instructions:
Machine Wash:  Cold Water wash
No Chlorine Bleach 
Tumble Dry:  Dry Low
No Iron
$ 10.00

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