FBF Pig Coming and Going Socks

Product Description
Pigs are Cute. Pigs can be Pets. Pigs are part of the food chain. Pigs can be wild or domestic. Piglets are normally little pigs. (Gee I wonder how that got in there? Help me Christopher Robin!) Pigs can be Stuffed Animals too! I only have a few, hum 4+ but who is counting? My dad, my sons! I have Piggy banks too but they are mostly empty! 

So Pigs Coming and Going is a Thick Sock made by For Bare Feet with an Acrylic Blend for a Cozy Warm feeling of, "I don't want to go anywhere night" or for wearing with shoes to keep you nice and warm outside. This sock is a size Medium. Please check our Size Chart if you need help.
It starts with a Bright White background from Cuff to Toes. Under the Cuff are two pictures of our Pig Hero the Front/Coming and its Back/Going. Then these Pigs are set randomly in rows all the way down the Sock. Our Pig Hero is Baby Pink and outlined in Brink Pink. The Eyes and Nostrils are Black. If you look closely our Pig is Happy. It is sitting on a patch of Dark Green Grass. The words "Coming" and "Going" are in Bold letters.
Anatomically formed heel for perfect fit. This makes it a very Cozy Sock!
Made in Korea
83% Acrylic
14% Polyester
02% Rubber
01% Spandex
Elastic: Nylon, Latex Rubber
Exclusive of Decoration

Acrylic has a built in moisture management system in which the fiber wicks perspiration and moisture away, helping keep feet healthy and dry.

Washing Instructions:
Machine Wash:  Cold Water wash
No Chlorine Bleach 
Tumble Dry:  Dry Low
No Iron
$ 10.00

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