FBF Midnight Snack Sock

Product Description
When going camping without the luxuries of home or backpacking which is even more without luxuries (Okay, look folks I have been camping my whole life now I love Luxuries. I go RVing! I might even go camping in a 5 star hotel!) you should have your food away from animals, like Bears. Rangers always say to put the food in the Lockers at a camp site or tie it up over a tree. However, as anyone my age knows that wherever there is a Picnic Basket, Yogi and BooBoo will find it! Lockers 0 Bears Won!

For Bare Feet Midnight Snack is on a background of Marble Grey. The Heels and Toes are Black. At the Cuff are Infinity swirls of Black and Red. Then in Black and Red reads, "Midnight Snack" Another row of Infinity swirls and then you see a Big Brown Black and Green Pine Tree with a Grey Rope wrapped around it and a Big Red Bag of Food over a limb. Below the Red Bag is a Mother Bear with Two Cubs in Black outlined in Grey and Brown Noses. Trying to figure a way to get the food. Below the Heel are Two Infinity swirl lines and in the middle are Bear Tracks in Black. Next towards the Toes is a Tent in Green within a Group of Silhouette Trees. Off to the side you see Large Z's of the unsuspecting campers. This is a Thick Style Sock and comes in Size Medium.

Made In Korea 

55%  Cotton
42%  Polyester
02%  Rubber
01%  Spandex
Elastic: Nylon, Latex Rubber
Exclusive of Decoration

Washing Instructions:
Machine Wash:  Cold Water wash
No Chlorine Bleach 
Tumble Dry:  Dry Low
No Iron
$ 10.00

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