FBF Lighthouses and Seagulls Sock

Product Description
Lighthouses have been around for Centuries many we know about but have been destroyed by war or acts of God, like earthquakes. Lighthouse were first fires to show where the ports were located then these fires were raised higher by stone or on hills. Then they were built by men such as the Lighthouse of Alexandria in Egypt or the Tower of Hercules built sometime before 417 B.C. in Spain and is still standing. One Lighthouse at Dover Castle stands today built by Romans as early as 50 to 80 A.D. Newer Lighthouses were built to help find ports but also to show dangerous coastlines shoals and reefs.  In the 18th Century Lighthouse building started to boom from transatlantic sailing getting more active. From there things began to change from how to build and what oils worked best for lighting. Then the optics got better with the Argand Lamp making a bright light. The first electric Lighthouse was made in 1875. From there on they were built or rebuilt until about the 1960’s when technology caught up with them and many were abandoned for less expensive ways to navigate. However, people did not want to forget their history and started the (see the links below) World Lighthouse Society and The United States Lighthouse Society.

This For Bare Feet Lighthouse and Seagulls Sock starts off with a Navy Background. The Lighthouse's Cupola is Red, then the Lighthousing and Gallery are White and Black with Navy. The rest of the tower is Red and White and Windows are Black. At the bottom is the House also Red and White. The Lighthouse is sitting on Bedrock of Medium Grey and Black. Below the Lighthouse are Waves of White Breaking on the Rocks. This Lighthouse repeats its way down the Sock to Heel and to Toe. Clouds are around the Lighthouse in Wisps of White. Seagulls fly around the whole Sock in White. This Sock is a Size Medium 

Made In China
83% Acrylic 
14% Polyester
02% Rubber
01% Spandex

Elastic: Nylon Latex Rubber
Exclusive of Decoration

Washing Instructions:
Machine Wash:  Cold Water wash
No Chlorine Bleach 
Tumble Dry:  Dry Low
No Iron
World Lighthouse Society http://www.worldlighthouses.org/
The United States Lighthouse Society https://uslhs.org/
$ 10.00

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