FBF Duck Hunting Sock

Product Description
Duck Hunting is a Unique Sock that is made for the Sportsman (or Woman, however this is a large sock ladies!) who enjoys waking up at 0 Dark 30 in the morning getting ready to go wherever the Ducks and yes the Geese (I have not forgotten them) are. Those birds may be in fields, ponds or bays but they are there.  Just use your calls and bring them to you! Just remember to do the plucking before you get home.  Also, you may just want to cook them too!
The Duck Hunting Sock is a Thick Soft Sock, the Cottom Blend of this Sock will make you feel Cozy and Warm while sitting in your Blind. The top of the Sock is Medium Gray and on the Cuff are two Black Ducks in Flight. The Heel and Toes are Forest Green and the bottom of the foot is Hunting Orange. In the middle of the foot stands a man with a shotgun in silhouette and in bold Black letters states, "I'd Rather Be Hunting." 
This is a Large Sock, if you need help check the Sock Size Chart. 

Made In Korea 

55%  Cotton
42%  Polyester
02%  Rubber
01%  Spandex
Elastic: Nylon, Latex Rubber
Exclusive of Decoration

Washing Instructions:

Machine Wash:  Cold Water wash

No Chlorine Bleach 

Tumble Dry:  Dry Low

No Iron


$ 10.00