FBF Cocker Spaniel Poses Sock

Product Description

Spaniels have been around for centuries and in the 14th Century they were Spanyells. They were first divided up into Water or Land uses and then divided again by size.The Cocker Spaniel is in the Hunting Group and is divided again by Country. The American (which I believe is this sock style of Cocker Spaniel) and the the English Cocker Spaniel. The Cocker Spaniel was recognized by the AKC in 1878.

The For Bare Feet Cocker Spaniel Poses Sock is on the traditional Bright White background. The Cocker Spaniels are all on top of Green Grass. "Cocker Spaniel" is in Bold Black Promt under the Cuff. The first Pose is of a Red and White Cocker Spaniel Laying Down. The second Pose is Standing and the Cocker Spaniel is Black and White. The third is a Cocker Spaniel Sitting and is Brown and White. Then at the Toes are a pair of Black and White Standing once again. This Sock is a Thin Style and comes in Size Medium.

Medium Size 

Womens Shoe Size 6-11

Mens Shoe Size 5-10

Made in USA
76% Technifit Polyester
21% Stretch Nylon
02% Spandex
01% Rubber
Elastic: Nylon, Latex Rubber
Wash in Cold Water, Do Not Bleach,
Tumble Dry Low,
Do Not Iron, Do Not Dry Clean

Technifit provides abrasion resistance for continual durability wash after wash.

Technifit contains a moisture management system, channeling perspiration and moisture out of the sock where it can quickly evaporate, helping keep your feet dry and healthy. 

Anatomically formed heel for perfect fit.

$ 10.00

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