FBF Bull Terrier Poses Sock

Product Description

The Bull Terrier is a great activity dog. Loves to play ball and do other outdoor activities with you. The Bull Terrier is also a Sporting Dog. He came about from crossing Bulldogs with Terriers. They need training started early for socialization and keep them for getting bad habits. They do not bark much so if your Bull Terrier is barking there is a good reason and you should pay attention.

For Bare Feet gives us the Bull Terrier Poses Sock with two different colored Dogs One is White, which has Light and Medium Grey for Shadow and Black for Details and Outlining. The other Bull Terrier looks to be a Black, Brindle and White. The White Dog has Rose Ears and the Black has a Rose Tongue. The Poses are Stances, Laying Down and Sitting. The background is Bright White and under the Cuff reads, "Bull Terrier" in Black Bold Print. This Sock is a Thin Style and comes in Size Medium.

Medium Size 

Womens Shoe Size 6-11

Mens Shoe Size 5-10

Made in USA
76% Technifit Polyester
21% Stretch Nylon
02% Spandex
01% Rubber
Elastic: Nylon, Latex Rubber
Wash in Cold Water, Do Not Bleach,
Tumble Dry Low,
Do Not Iron, Do Not Dry Clean

Technifit provides abrasion resistance for continual durability wash after wash.

Technifit contains a moisture management system, channeling perspiration and moisture out of the sock where it can quickly evaporate, helping keep your feet dry and healthy. 

Anatomically formed heel for perfect fit.


$ 10.00

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