FBF Bear Mismatched Sock

Product Description
Bear Mismatched Sock is a wild and fun sock with bears in bright colorful and bold print of purple, fuchsia, avocado green, teal blue and orange on a background of white with orange band,  heel and toe for one of the mismatched pair.  The other sock is filled with the same colors but in rows of wide stripes. The top band, toe and heel are white and the top is decorated with a single purple walking bear. This sock comes in size Medium.   Check out the Size Chart for Socks if you need help in figuring out a size. 

Made in the USA
76% Technifit Polyester
21% Nylon
2% Spandex
1% Rubber
Elastic: Nylon, Latex Rubber
Technifit  provides abrasion resistance for continual durability wash after wash.
Technifit contains a moisture management system, channeling perspiration and moisture out of the sock where it can quickly evaporate, helping keep your feet dry and healthy. 
Anatomically formed heel for perfect fit.
$ 10.00

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