FBF California Flag Sock

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The California State Flag was first flown during "The Bear Flag Revolt" in 1846. However it was not the first to fly over California.  In 1836 "The Lone Star Flag" flew after a revolt against Mexico which won Monterey but not total freedom from Mexico. That Lone 5 point Red Star became part of the current flag. The original Bear Flag was raised and reported seen on June 17, 1846 by US Lieutenant Missroon over Sonoma, California. The Bear Republic Flag had a quick existance. Commodore John Drake Sloat raised the US Flag over Monterey July 7, 1846 and two days later Lieutenant Joseph Warren Revere stuck "The Bear Flag" and raised the "Stars and Stripes" over Sonoma, California. The "Bear Flag" went to Washington D.C. but was given back to California's Senators to bring back to California in 1855. In 1906 the original flag was destroyed in the fire after San Francisco's Earthquake.
California Flag Sock is about loving California. I was born and raised here in California so I have been waiting for this Sock a long time. The Sock like the Flag starts with a Bright White background. The Toes and Heels are in Old Glory Red. Going down the Left side only is one broad Old Glory Red Stripe and in Bold Seal Colored print "CALIFORNIA REPUBLIC" On the Right side of the Sock is the Grizzly Bear in Seal and Maple Leaf. The Green Grass is Irish Green. This sock comes in Medium and Large Sizes and is a Thin Style Sock with Technifit Polyester Blend.
Made in the USA

76%  Technifit Polyester
21%   Stretch Nylon
02%   Spandex
01%   Rubber
Elastic: Nylon, Latex Rubber

Technifit  provides abrasion resistance for continual durability wash after wash.
Technifit contains a moisture management system, channeling perspiration and moisture out of the sock where it can quickly evaporate, helping keep your feet dry and healthy. 
Anatomically formed heel for perfect fit. This makes it a very Cozy Sock!
Washing Instructions:
Machine Wash:  Cold Water wash
No Chlorine Bleach 
Tumble Dry:  Dry Low
No Iron
$ 8.50 $ 10.00

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