DC Big Ass Brick of Soap Smells Like Victory

Product Description

Duke Cannon Big Ass Brick of Soap is a product born out of the Military and Made for Men. When he says Big Ass Brick of Soap he means it! This Bar of Soap fills a Mans Hand just right. It takes 3 of our lady size soap to make this Brick! What is great about this bar of soap is that it smells great but not overwhelming. Your guy can use this, he knows he is clean and smells good. Not like a guy who just sprayed perfume all over himself as he comes out of an elevator.

Smells Like Victory is a scent called Seagrass. Seagrass scents are all different from one another but they all smell clean and fresh. (Many have a Citrus and Aquamarine smell mixed with flowers and mint.) This is not a frilly scent, It's all Man!

Made in the USA

Made with an all Natural Tallow Soap Base, Coconut Oil, Water, Hard Work, Fragrance, and Steel Cut Oats. 


$ 9.00

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