Solmate Socks Vermont Garden Cosmos Sock

Product Description
The Cosmos Flower is native to Mexico where many of the species came from and from the Southern part of the United States. It also has gone widely into Central and South America as well as South Africa when feed was contaminated from Argentina and sent over to them during the Boer War. Colors vary from Pinks and Whites, Yellow and Oranges. The Chocolate Cosmos comes in Red to Maroon-Dark Brown.

Solmate Socks Vermont Garden Cosmos Sock is a Mismatched Sock with Bright Colored Recycled Cotton Yarn. The Colors in this Sock are, Purple, Lime Green, Red, Orange and Turquoise. The Patterns shift through out the Sock. The Cuffs are Vertical Lines, then there are Color Blocks of Turquoise on One Sock and Red on the other. Heels are Purple and Lime Green and Toes are Purple and Turquoise. Everything else are Geometric Shapes. Always Funky and Crazy Socks to wear at Home, Work or Play They come in Small, Medium and Large. See Sizes below or check out Solmate Socks Size Chart.

Small Sock
Women 6-8
Men 5-7

Medium Sock
Women 8-10
Men 7-9

Large Sock
Women 10-12
Men 9-11

Made in the USA
80% Cotton
19% Nylon
01% Lycra

Sock Washiing Instructions:
Machine Wash Gentle, Dry on Cool
No Bleach,
Wear with Love and a Smile!
$ 20.00

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