Solmate Socks Vermont Garden Carnation Sock

Product Description
The Carnation has been thought to come from the Mediterranean Region but it is a guessing game from where since it has been produced everywhere for 2000 years or so.The Natural Carnation was  Pink to Purple in Color, with Grey Blue to Blue Green stems and leaves. They also smell good. Now they come in other Colors, Red, White, Yellow and Green. Then by changing and adding to the characteristics they have broaden the colors to many more such as more Blue and Purple. They have made hybrids that are bi-color as well. They have taken out the smell on some as well especially for weddings, you don't want the groom or groomsmen sneezing. The Carnation is worn on so many occasions, Mother's Day and Weddings included. The Carnation is the State Flower of Ohio. It is the birth flower for January. Columbia is the greatest producer of Carnations in the World.

Solmate Socks Vermont Garden Carnation Sock takes the joyful Unique Colors of a Spring and Summer Garden and somehow they work magic and becomes a Sock. The Colors in this Vermont Garden Carnation Sock are Fuchsia, Purple, Turquoise, Yellow and Orange. The Sock starts with a Cuff that has Vertical Rows, then the Sock goes into Color blocks, then Dots that could be Flowers, then you get Wavy Lines and Geometric Shapes. These are Mismatched Socks on Purpose, no reason or rhyme, just Whimsy! This Sock comes in Sizes Small, Medium and Large.
Small Sock
Women 6-8
Men 5-7

Medium Sock
Women 8-10
Men 7-9

Large Sock
Women 10-12
Men 9-11

Made in the USA
80% Cotton
19% Nylon
01% Lycra

Sock Washing Instructions:
Machine Wash Gentle, Dry on Cool
No Bleach,
Wear with Love and a Smile!
$ 20.00

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