Zazou Pussywillow Scarf

Product Description

Pussywillows are a benchmark for Springtime.  As we have turned our clocks forward next comes the Equinox telling us it is Spring. Pussywillows are white with fur at this time.  The pussywillows here are drawn on a background of beautiful Coral.

The Model is showing another way to wear a Scarf which is also a Pussywillow but is out of stock.

This scarf is 20" x 75".  It is made from 100% Slub Rayon.(Slub means that the fabric will have more character by giving certain places more or less yarn.  Hey, I had to look it up so you would not have to!)  It comes with combed fringe. (approximately 1/2 inch of open thread)

Made in India 

Dry Clean Only

$ 18.75 $ 25.00

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