Wheel House Designs Rose Wine Sock

Product Description
What kind of Wine do you like? Reds, Whites or something in the middle? A Rose or Blush is that Middle. The first one I ever tasted was from Sonoma California. It was called, "Eye of the Swan" first made by August Sebastiani from Gamay Beaujolais. He created a blush wine Pinot Noir Blanc. It was very good.

Wheel House Designs Rose Wine Sock starts off on a Light Grey background on top with Heels and Toes. Below the Cuff starts a Bottle of Wine The Top of the Bottle and the Neck are Maroon with Black for shading and outlines. On the Neck is a Glass of Wine in Bright Pink with Green Grapes all in a Round Circle Label. The rest of the bottle is in Bright Pink with Lavender lines for shadow and White for brightness. On the top of your foot sits two Wine Glasses Lined in Black with Lavender Grapes laying by the Glass Stems. 

Size Medium 
Adult Shoe 6-8 1/2 Sock Size 9-11

Size Large
Adult Shoe 9-12 Sock Size 10-13

Ultra Light Weight = LW

Made in the USA
(Stretch Cotton)
75% Cotton
20% Nylon
05% Spandex

Washing Instructions:
Machine Wash, warm water,
Dry at low to medium setting.

Wheel House Designs Rose Wine Sock comes in two sizes, Medium and Large. This allows for an Extended Size Sock for Women who may need it and for Men to have their own Wine Socks. This Sock is made with a Cozy Cotton Blend and is a Thin Style. 
$ 11.95

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