Wheel House Designs Rooster on Hunter Sock

Product Description

When I hear chickens clucking in the morning my neighbors hens are laying eggs or saying hello to someone in the yard. Where I live we are not allowed to have Roosters because one of them is louder than 6 Hens laying eggs at the same time!  However, we can wear our friendly Roosters with this sock. Anyone who knows Roosters better than me please let me know if I am right about these Gentlemen in their Finery. On Top of Wheel House Designs Rooster on Hunter Sock is a Stand Up guy wearing a Red Comb, White Breast, Yellow and White Saddle and Saddle Feathers and has a very Black Main Tail. I am guessing he is a Serama Bantam. He is on top of a Weather Vane. which is Grey. The next Roosters are a White Leghorn with a Red Comb and Yellow Feet. and a New Hampshire Red In Brown with Dark Brown Detail, Red Comb and Yellow Feet and with Black for the Main Tail. These two are eating off the ground. The second New Hampshire Red is standing watch. Next we have a Blue Orpington that is Light Grey, Dark Grey and Black, he has a really fancy tail. He has a Red Comb and Yellow Legs. Then the pattern begins to repeat.

Size Medium

Adult Shoe 6-8 1/2 Sock Size 9-11


Size Large

Adult Shoe 9-12 Sock Size 10-13

Wheel House Designs Rooster on Hunter comes in two sizes, Medium and Large. This allows for an Extended Size Sock for Women who may need it and for Men to have their own Rooster on Hunter Socks. This Sock is made with a Cozy Cotton Blend and is a Thin Style.


Made in USA

75% Cotton

20% Nylon

05% Spandex


Washing Instructions:

Machine Wash, warm water,

Dry at low to medium setting.

$ 11.95