Wheel House Designs Construction Vehicle for Children Socks

Product Description

Somewhere there are children if you are looking at this sock! Now think to yourself a backyard, five pounds of dirt or sand, throw in a few Yellow Trucks and at least one Kid and you have one heck of a really fun mess on your hands! If you're lucky many hours of good ole fashion playtime to go with it. Please let your girls get dirty too! Nothing is worse than going to school in completely White Tennis Shoes (unless of course you have a little fashionista on your hands! Then hide your pocketbook!) A side note here my mom never could figure out how my Tennis Shoes got a particular shade of Tan so fast. Mud puddles are wonderful things and also good for Toy Trucks!

Wheel House Designs Construction Vehicle for Children Socks starts with a Bright Blue Background. On Top of this Sock you have a Backhoe and a Front Loader, a Dump Truck Next is a Cement Mixer Truck  and a Bulldozer. In the middle of the Sock is an Excavator and down at the Toes is another Large Dump Truck. This is a wonderful sock to make a Mommy or Daddy or Both and Me Sock with the Wheel House Designs Construction Vehicles Adult Size Socks.

Wheel House Designs Childrens Socks
Childrens Sizing
Sock Size 6-8 ½
Shoe Size 6-1
Age 4-6 years

Made in the USA
75% Cotton
20% Nylon
05% Spandex

Washing Instructions
Machine Wash, Warm Water
Dry at Low to Medium Setting

$ 9.50

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