Solmate Socks Vermont Garden Water Lily Sock

Product Description
The Water Lily has been adapted to many places since found in South America and parts of Northern Hemisphere. They are 3 different kinds of Hybrids called Hardy, Day Blooming and Night Blooming. They are Rhizomatous Aquatic herbs. In a Vermont Garden and in many other places it needs to be warm before putting them out in a pond. They are self-pollinating by wind or bees and flies can do the work. They are coming in wonderful colors with scents and non-scented versions. Monet made Water Lilies famous in France and then everyone wanted them. Including me and I have tried without luck for one to survive my pond in California, so far Monet would never have gotten a chance to paint here!

The Solmate Vermont Garden Water Lily Sock is made of a Recycled Cotton Blend in the Bright Colors of Kelly Green, Navy Blue, Pale Pink, Lime Green and Turquoise. They are mismatched on purpose for fun in mind.  Lime Green and Turquoise make up the Color Blocks within the Socks.  Kelly Green makes the top of the Cuff and Heel on one and Turquoise the Toes.  The other Sock the top of the Cuff and Heel are Lime Green and the Toes are Navy Blue. The middle of the Socks run with Vertical and Horizontal patterns of Stripes Kelly Green and Pale Pink, Navy Blue, Lime Green and Turquoise little pads, then big Lily Pads of Navy Blue and Kelly Green with Waves of Turquoise on Pale Pink. The flip side uses Lime and Kelly Green for Stripes. Pale Pink for Lilly Pads Navy Blue and Kelly Green for Waves all are on this palette of painted woven socks. Past the Heel and to the Toes the patterns shift and change color on each of the socks. Monet could not have done it better if he had painted the socks himself.  The MOMA has a collection of Water Lilies see link below.

Small Sock
Women 6-8
Men 5-7

Medium Sock
Women 8-10
Men 7-9

Large Sock
Women 10-12
Men 9-11

Women 12+
Men 11-14

Made in the USA
62% Cotton
22% Polyester
15% Nylon
01% Lycra

Sock Washiing Instructions:
Machine Wash Gentle, Dry on Cool
No Bleach,
Wear with Love and a Smile!
$ 20.00

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