Solmate Socks Vermont Garden Orchid Sock

Product Description
I love Orchids, sometimes I do well with them and other times I fail. Most of the time I fail after replanting them the second or third time. However, I do not give up. One day I will have an Orchid over 5 years.  My best Orchid was a Vanilla one that climbed all over the inside of my house. It had not flowered or given me Vanilla but it was a wonderful vine. Orchids come in all Colors, Shapes and Sizes. Their leaves can be flat and large or skinny and long. Colors range from Whites, Creams, Yellows, Lilac, Purples and Reds. 

Solmate Socks Vermont Garden Orchid Sock has many Colors that come from Orchids. These Colors are Bamboo Green, Cream, Purple and Lilac. The Sock starts with the Cuff with Vertical Lines of Cream and Purple and Bamboo Green and Cream. The Heels are Purple and Cream and the Toes are Bamboo Green and Lilac. These are Mismatched Socks on Purpose because life should be Crazy and Fun at Home, Work and Play. There are Color Blocked areas and Geometric Lines and Waves. This Sock comes in Sizes, Small, Medium and Large. Check out the Solmate Size Chart here.

Small Sock
Women 6-8
Men 5-7

Medium Sock
Women 8-10
Men 7-9

Large Sock
Women 10-12
Men 9-11

Made in the USA
62% Cotton
22% Polyester
15% Nylon
01% Lycra

Sock Washiing Instructions:
Machine Wash Gentle, Dry on Cool
No Bleach,
Wear with Love and a Smile!
$ 20.00

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