Solmate Socks Vermont Garden Aster Sock

Product Description
Aster is the Birth Flower for September.
The Aster is a flower that started with 600 species but in the 1990's was brought down to about 180. The Aster got its name from Ancient Greek meaning Star, for the head of the Flower. Aster Alpinus is the only Aster that grows native to the Northern Hemisphere and to North America in Canada and Northern States. 

Solmate Socks Vermont Garden Aster Sock takes the colors of the Aster, Fuchsia, Cream, Sky Blue and Lime Green to make this wonderful Crazy and Wild Mixed Up Sock. It comes with Rows of different  Brightly Colored
Geometric Shapes, Waves, Vertical and Horizontal Lines. These Socks are Mismatched with a purpose to make you have a smile on your face. These Socks come in Sizes Small, Medium and Large. Please check out the Solmate Size Chart here. 

Small Sock
Women 6-8

Medium Sock 
Women 8-10
Men 7-9

Large Sock
Women 10-12
Men 9-11

Made in the USA
62% Cotton
22% Polyester
15% Nylon
01% Lycra

Washiing Instructions:
Machine Wash Gentle, Dry on Cool
No Bleach,
Wear with Love and a Smile!
$ 20.00

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