Sock Guy Turkey Trot Novelty Sock

Product Description
The Sock Guy makes this Funky and Wild Sock for those of us who love Turkeys! Some of us enjoy Turkey only in November and December while others are more into Turkey. This Turkey is on the Run however, not wanting to be dressed up or down for any season.
The Stretch to Fit Sock is a 2" Cuff that has our Turkey on both sides running with shoes on. His Thanksgiving Hat is flying off as he Trots faster. The Turkey is Brown, Outlined in Black and Feathers are Golden Yellow along with his Beak. His Legs are Orange. His Hat is Black and Yellow. The Background of this Sock is Bright White with Red Heels and Toes. The Top of the Foot has Turkey Tracks starting at the Ankle and going towards the Toes. Then stops at Red and White Checkerboard Squares. Could that be the start of a Table Cloth? Wrong Way Bird! See Size Chart for help if you need it!

Made in The USA
75% Micro Denier Acrylic
15% Nylone
10% Spandex
For best results turn socks inside out before washing
Machine Wash Warm 
Tumble Dry Low
Do not Bleach 
Do not use Fabric Softner
$ 9.00 $ 11.95

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