Sock Guy Crash Test Dummy Novelty Sock

Product Description

Do you have that one friend? Or is it you? The one always in the cast or splint? Then maybe Crash Test Dummy Socks are required? It doesn't have to be in a car. Let's try a Bike, a Skateboard or if like me Just walking on a Flat Surface will do fine, Thank you! 

Crash Test Dummy Testing started first with Cadavers in the 1930’s. The information that these tests gave helped to change the way automobiles were designed up to even 1987.  Cadaver research could only go so far and so they used real humans as test dummies. This too had limits because no one wanted to have serious injuries from the procedures. They also used some animals in testing especially for the steering wheel injuries.  All three of these gave way to making the Crash Test Dummies we have today. In 1949 “Sierra Sam” was made; he was the first Crash Test Dummy.  Since “Sierra Sam” there has been many models, GM made “VIP” and then there was a “Sierra Stan”.  GM combined the best of those and made Hybrid I.  We are now using Models called Hybrid III.  They also make more for special impact testing. Crash Test Dummies were used in Ads to help us remember to buckle up. They have had Dolls, Television shows and parts in movies. There is a Band also named for them.

The Sock Guy Dummy Novelty Sock starts out in Bright Orange Background.  The Three Inch Easy Fit Cuff has a Bright Yellow and Black Circle on it which is the Crash Test Symbol, worn on all Crash Test Dummies. The Heels and Toes are Black. The Upper Foot is a Cool Mesh that looks Orange and White. The Instep reads, “CRASH TEST DUMMY”  This is a Thin Style Sock that comes in Small/Medium and Large/X Large Sizes. See Size Chart for Help if you need it.

Classic Sock 

Made in The USA
75% Micro Denier Acrylic
15% Nylon
10% Spandex
For best results turn socks inside out before washing
Machine Wash Warm 
Tumble Dry Low
Do not Bleach 
Do not use Fabric Softener

$ 10.95

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