Sock Guy Chick Fu Ladies Sock

Product Description
Sock Guy Chick Fu Ladies Sock starts with a Black background with Bright Pink Heels and Toes. On the Top is a Two Inch Cuff that has Two Bright Yellow Baby Chicks with Orange Beak and Orange Legs and Black Eyes. White shows the outline of a wing. On their heads these Chicks are wearing Pink Hachimaki Headbands. They are ready to have fun and Kick some butt. Under the foot in the area of the arch reads, "Chicks Kick Ass!" This sock comes in Size S/M.

Classic Sock 
Women Sizes
6-10 Shoe Size
Made in The USA
75% Micro Denier Acrylic
15% Nylon
10% Spandex
For best results turn socks inside out before washing
Machine Wash Warm 
Tumble Dry Low
Do not Bleach 
Do not use Fabric Softner
$ 9.00 $ 10.95

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