Sock Guy Big Bro Sock

Product Description
Big Brother was all the rage in the book "1984" by George Orwell. It was published in 1949 during the Cold War Years. This was when everyone thought about dominoes falling and things changing in Europe and the USA. Then in 1984 we sort of laughed George Orwell off.  As a whole we really did not have the technology to be as scary and truthful then. What about now? As the Sock Guy says about this sock, "In honor of the NSA!"
This Sock starts out on a Lime Green background and the Heel and Toe are a Light Navy Blue. The Bottom of the Sock at the In-step says in Bold Black Letters,"eye see you". The top of the foot is a Green and White Cool Mesh which helps the Sock to breathe.  The 3 inch Cuff is where you find that Eye! One Eye with very Bloodshot Red and White around a Blue Iris and Black Pupil. The Eye is outlined in Black. How many hours has it been watching? 
This Sock comes in S/M and L/XL  check Size Chart if you need help. This style can be a His and Hers Matching pair of Socks.

Made in The USA
75% Micro Denier Acrylic
15% Nylon
10% Spandex
For best results turn socks inside out before washing
Machine Wash Warm 
Tumble Dry Low
Do not Bleach 
Do not use Fabric Softner
$ 10.95

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