Ozone Womens Sea Turtle Sock

Product Description

If you ever want to see Sea Turtles in action Texas is the place to go. They have the biggest and the smallest of the Sea Turtles. The Leatherback is the largest with a Shell 8 feet wide weighing in at 1300 lbs. The smallest Sea Turtle is the Kemp's Ridley, 27-32 inches long and weighs up to 100 lbs. Only the females come back to shore to nest their eggs. 6 out 7 Species of Sea Turtles are found in the USA, all but one are listed as Endangered, the Loggerhead is listed as Threatened. Ozone has made this Sock, Womens Sea Turtle a Sock for a Cause and will donate a portion of their profits to help conserve the Sea Turtle.

So mom hauls herself from where ever she was finds a mate and then goes back where she started from to lay her own batch. With that all done, tired she leaves. Each hatchling has a tooth they are born with to help assist them out of the shell. It falls off. (or all the other turtles laugh) the yolk is used for food the first few days then it is haul their bottoms to the water time. This is the first thing you see on this Sock. Sand and a trail of Sea Turtles high tailing it for water. The rest of the sock is the water of Blues, Teals and Navy with White. Many don't make it in the water. Many do and so their adventure begins.

This is a Medium Size Sock and Thin Style. 

Made in Columbia 

85% Cotton
14% Nylon
  1% Spandex

Care Instructions Recommended
Gentle Cycle, Cold Water, No Bleach, Line Dry

$ 13.00

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