Ozone Womens Devils Breath Sock

Product Description

As I wander through the many pages of google to find information on "Devils Breath" I am moving through an entire list of Warnings.Mainly the part that makes the drug toxic is it is high in alkaloids. Sadly for us many people have gotten sick. The better news is that the drug used properly can benefit people. Okay so what is the plant to make this fuss. It is also called "Angels Trumpets" in Latin Brugmansia. It is a large shrub that has hanging flowers of White or Yellow. Most are fragrant and moths or hummingbirds pollinate them  They now are grown all over the world with Hybrids. I have one near me. It is gorgeous.

Ozone Womens Devil's Breath Sock is part of their "Witches Garden" line of socks which they say, "add some charm to your wardrobe.". They all have Black backgrounds and you can mix and match them. Choose Morning Glory or Amanita Muscaria to go with your wardrobe style. This Sock has the wide Flowers hanging from Red, Orange and Yellow up to the Green base that hangs down from the Green Branches. This runs from below the Cuff to the beginning of the Toes.

This Sock is a Thin Style and Medium Size.

Made in Columbia 

70% Cotton
29% Nylon
  1% Spandex

Care Instructions Recommended
Gentle Cycle, Cold Water, No Bleach, Line Dry

$ 13.00

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