Ozone Womens Amanita Muscaria Sock

Product Description

If Amanita Muscaria looks familiar to you just think back to Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland Movies and you will remember them again for sure, if your younger and don't go to those movies maybe you'll recognize them from Super Mario Brothers Games! These Mushrooms are found near Pines and Birches. This Toadstool is best known as the Red with White Warts on Top. They come in other colors as well. They are Toxic especially when eaten raw. They have been used as a hallucinogen and in culinary dishes.(I would just say pretty mushrooms and walk away, I don't go mushrooming)  

Ozone Womens Amanita Muscaria Sock is part of their "Witches Garden" line. They say, "add some charm into your wardrobe." As all "Witches Garden" Socks are on Black backgrounds you can mix and match them to match a wardrobe. Use Morning Glory or Devils Breath. Amanita Muscaria is designed from the Cuffs of the sock to the Toes. This Mushroom grows in "Fairy Rings" which this shows lots of Mushrooms. It is beside a patch of Blackberries with vines of Green and Violet fruit. Red Caps with White Warts and Brown Stems with Green Gills there are also some showing the White Stems too.

This is a Medium Size, Thin Style Sock.

Made in Columbia 

65% Cotton
34% Nylon
  1% Spandex

Care Instructions Recommended
Gentle Cycle, Cold Water, No Bleach, Line Dry

$ 13.00

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