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Ozone Design has made a collection of socks called What on Earth? Part of this collection is The Endangered Cat Collection. Ozone will give part of its proceeds to Panthera, which is a leader in Wild Cat Conservation. (see link below). This sock is Endangered Cats Tiger.  Its Latin name is Panthera tigris.  The male Tiger is the biggest cat and weighs about 670 lbs. The Tiger comes in third behind the Polar Bear and Brown Bear as the largest Carnivores. Not to shabby for a cat. The Tigers use to have a large area from Turkey to the East Coast of Russia and to swamp areas of Asia,  Now restricted to Siberia and parts of Asia in Mangrove swamps. Most loss of this cat comes from destruction of habitat and poaching.

Liken to the poem by William Blake: This Unique sock starts in a Night Sky with a Bright Moon overhead.  The Cuff is Navy Blue then blends into a Star Studded Full Moon Sky of White Then blends down to the Greens of the hills and Jungles. Light Green Plam leaves help to camouflage our Tiger moving through the brush. It is Striped with Black, White, Brown and Rust with Yellow Eyes. This is a Thin Style sock and comes in size Medium. Check our Size Chart for help.

Made in Columbia, with a Cozy Cotton Blend
85% Cotton
14% Nylon
  1% Spandex

Care Instructions Recommended
Gentle Cycle, Cold Water, No Bleach, Line Dry

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