Laurel Burch Ponies with Parrots

Product Description

This Sock Design is Discontinued! 

The Parrots ride on the backs of Ponies.  The background on this sock is Purple (its mate in the photo is black).  This one is more tones of Lavender and has less oranges in it than the black.  The circus is still in town and in the heavens in this sock as well.  Catch the dream in all those swirls!

Laurel Burch seemed perchance to dream about things and when she did sometimes she dreamed about Ponies and Parrots.  I think that is one of the ways they might have made it into her art.  The Parrots ride on the backs of the Ponies on backgrounds of black or purple.  Parrot feathers enhance the tops, heels and toes.  Other colors used are lavenders, rose, red, oranges, and golds.

These are both Thin Style Socks in Size Medium.

Laurel Burch by K. Bell
Womens Sock Size 
US:  9-11
EUR:  36-40

Made In Taiwan
70% Cotton
20% Nylon
10% Spandex
Machine Wash Warm/Tumble Dry Low

$ 9.00

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