Lauer Sheepskin Touch Sensor Glove

Product Description
Lauer Gloves did their best to make this a winning style Glove for Women on the go. We picked two colors to start us on our Journey with you. We have Tan and Black. These Gloves start with Sheepskin on top, Bemberg Lined and then Thinsulate Thermal Insulation, 40g, which is for high activity levels or cool conditions. On the Index Finger and Thumb you have Touch Sensor Technology which allows the Gloves to work with all your Smart Screen devices.
These fit very snug and come only in size XL. Just to let you know, my glove size is a Medium and I needed this Glove in an XL. If you are a Size Medium this Glove should fit you also.
Check out the Size Chart for Gloves.
Designed in the USA 
Made in China
$ 40.00