Lauer Glove Harlequin Stretch Microfleece Touch Sensor with Zippered Pocket

Product Description

Lauer Glove takes its Stretch Microfleece Touch Sensor with a Zippered Pocket to a new level with this Glove. I fell in love with it the minute I was introduced to it and called it "Harlequin". Other retailers may call it something else but "Harlequin" is mine! 

It is Black with a Black Zipper for the Pocket. The Pocket is great for Keys, Money and an ID. The Fingers have the "Touch Sensor" on the Index Finger and Thumb. This is great for using Electronics without removing your glove. The Contrast "Harlequin" Colors are on the fourchettes and are Plum, Red, Camel, Orange, Green and Deep Blue. Now you can wear any color and be a matching set!

Made in China

94% Polyester

  6% Spandex


Hand Wash Cold

Air Dry

$ 24.00