Lauer Fingerless Poly Fleece Thinsulate Flip Cap

Product Description

Lauer Fingerless Gloves are my go to Glove for Fashion and Utility. This is a new Glove to the site because not all of you can live where the temperature does not normally go below zero too much. So you need some heavy duty Fingerless Gloves to get by in the cold. These are going to be great to wear when the dog says "Walk Me". If you need to for a very quick time have your fingers you can remove the cap, pick up the present offered, bag it and walk quickly home again before freezing.
The Fingerless Glove starts with a Poly Fleece outside which comes in many colors. Then there is a layer of micro Bemberg lining, Thinsulate and Clarino Palm that imitates leather but is able to get wet. The Cap is able to be turned down over your fingers and you have a Mitten Glove. The Cap when not in use is secured with a strong magnet.
Thinsulate Insulation at 40 gram weight.  (40 gram* for high activity levels or cool conditions per 3M)

This is a Womens Glove

One Size Only Fits a Medium Size and Lower

Green Stripe
Light Blue
$ 23.00