K Bell Mens Parrot Sock

Product Description
Per National Geographic Parrots are native to warmer climates from all over the world but many come from South of the Equator. There are many species that have similarities such as Curved Beaks and they have Four toes on each foot two pointing Forward and two Backwards. Their diet can include Fruit, Flowers, Nut, Seeds and Insects. Their average life span in the wild is approximately up to 80 years.
Now as to this sock a portion of the profit I make goes to Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue because as I was researching Laurel Burch Birds of Paradise for an article and came across Parrots of Telegraph Hill in San Francisco.  So this is a Sock for a Cause! 
Parrot Sock for Men starts with a Black background. Then you find the Parrot sitting in Bright Green Jungle Foliage. The Parrots are in rows looking right or left. They are Brightly Colored. Their faces are Bright White, Light Grey and the Eyes are Black. The Crown and further down the plumage is Red, Orange, Green and Blue. The Grey Claws are attached to a Dark Green Branch.  This is a Light Weight Cozy Cotton Blend Sock.
K. Bell For Men
Shoe Size 6.5 - 12
US Sock Size 10-13
EUR Sock Size 44-48

Made in Korea
60% Cotton
38% Polyester 
2% Spandex
Machine Wash Cold,  With Like Colors, Gentle Cycle
Only Non-Chlorine Bleach When Needed 
Tumble Dry Low
$ 12.00