K Bell Mens Drums Sock

Product Description

A Drum is a Frame that has one or more membranes or skins stretched across it. Drums have been made through the ages around the world. They have been made for music and for communication. Drums have been found in China which have been dated back to 5500 BC. They have been used in religion and ceremonies through out the world. Cymbals came around 1100 BC found in Turkey and China, Israel and Egypt. Drums were used to march and row to in war time. 1300 AD the Snare Drum was made in Europe. The first named Drum Sticks were called Tabors that were used for the Snare Drum. The Timpani and Bass Drums came around 1400. In the 1700's Drum Sticks were being made from Beefwood and Ebony. Bongos came from Africa and Cuba in the 1800's. The first Drum Sets appeared in the early 1900's and were standard by 1930. In 1958 Joe Calato put Nylon Tips onto Drum Sticks to help them last longer. It became a huge success. In 1960 the Drum Set was added to with a Bass Drum and more Cymbals. In 1976 the first Electric Drums came out. Then in 1997 the Electric Drum Sets took off with Yamaha and Roland leading the way. Still all drums are being used in so many ways today.

Music is in the air with this Sock. K Bell Mens Drums Sock starts on a Black background with different Drum set ups and these are in Navy and Raw Umber. Conga Drums are Brown. The Bongo Drums are Bondi Blue and Fallow. The Snare Drum is Steel Blue and Cream.  This is a Thin Style and Large Size Sock.

K  Bell for Men

Shoe Size 6.5 - 12

US Sock Size 10-13

EUR Sock Size 44-48

This Sock is made with Arch Support for a Supportive Fit, Reinforced Heel and Toe for longer Wear and Durability, Smooth Toe Seam for Maximum Comfort

Made in Korea

59% Pima Cotton

39% Nylon

02% Spandex

Exclusive of Elastic


Machine Wash Cold, With Like Colors, Gentle Cycle

Only Non-Chlorine Bleach When Needed

Tumble Dry Low

$ 12.00

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