K Bell Kids Wide Mouth Alligator Sock

Product Description

A Group of Alligators is called a Congregation. I would not like to be left alone in that Congregation!  Alligators are the peak of the food chain where they live in the Southeastern part of the United State mostly in Florida and Louisiana fresh water lakes, rivers, marshes and swamps. Babies or Hatchlings are Yellow with Black Stripes and are about 8 inches long. Juveniles, along with Hatchlings are tasty treats for other animals in these areas, such as Bobcats, Birds, Raccoons and other Alligators. This is why they stay with mom for about two years then the tables turn. 

K Bell Kids Wide Mouth Alligator Sock starts out on a Green background with Puffy White Yarn as Teeth. A Dark Green Line makes its Nose and Eyebrow. The Alligator's Eye is Black and White. Scales are below the Eye in Dark Green and White and also on top of the Foot. If you enjoy wearing Mommy and Me items with your Kids, then this is a Great Sock to match. Check out K Bell Womens Wide Mouth Alligator Sock.

K Bell Kids 
Made in China
72% Acrylic 
25% Nylon 
03% Spandex

Shoe Size 7.5-13
Sock Size 6-8.5

Machine Wash Cold with like Colors
Only Non-Chlorine Bleach when needed
Tumble Dry Low

$ 8.50

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