Hot Sox Womens Dreidel Dog Non-Skid Sock

Product Description

Hanukkah is a wonderful Holiday for the Jewish Faith. In its celebration it has many family moments that bring them all together. Dreidel is a word in Yiddish for spinning top. The Dreidel is made from wood or plastic and those for display can be made in Sliver or Glass. During the time of Greek Syrian rule over the Holy Land people were not allowed to study the Torah. If guards would cone around the Torah would go into hiding and the Dreidel would come out to show just children playing. On the four sides of the dreidel appear four letters from the Hebrew alphabet—nun (נ), gimmel (ג), hey (ה), and shin (ש). These four letters are an acronym for "nes gadol hayah sham"—"a great miracle happened there." For more information on the game please see this site. Dreidel Instuctions

Hot Sox Womens Dreidel Dog Non-Skid Sock starts with a background of Black. The Cuffs, Heels and Toes along with the Soles are Blue. The White Star of David are the Non-Skid rubber and decoration. Below the Cuffs are a Row of Stars of David in White. Sitting on the Sock is a White Puppy with Grey outlines for Detail. Its Eyes  Nose and Mouth are all Black. The Dog is wearing a Knit Hat on its Head in Blue and Light Blue with White Stars and Black Lines. He is wearing a Scarf that matches. Next to him on either side are packages wrapped in the same colored paper. Out in front is the Dreidel in White, Blue and Light Blue. This sock is a size Medium and is a Thin Style Sock.

Sock Size 9 – 11 Fits Shoe Size 4- 10.5

Made in Korea

68% Cotton

20% Polyester

10% Nylon

02% Spandex

Exclusive of Elastic

Machine Wash Cold Do Not Bleach

Tumble Dry Low

$ 6.00

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