Hot Sox Lemon Sock

Product Description

Hot Sox's Lemon Sock helps to tell the tale of the lemon in History. The Lemon is thought to come from Asia, maybe India, Burma or China and is an Evergreen Tree. From there they made their way to Europe by the 1st Century. They were then distributed all over. The first writing of Lemons (so far known)  was in Arabic in the 10th Century about farming. There are many Lemons with different tastes and Acid rating. My favorite Lemon was brought back to the United States by Frank Nicholas Meyer and called the Meyer Lemon. This Lemon was crossed with either a Mandarin or regular Orange. This makes the Meyer Lemon sweeter than most Lemons. Martha Stewart and Alice Waters both loved the Meyer Lemon. I was lucky, I had one in the backyard for most of my life. It survived many a cold winter, but finally succumbed to a harsh freeze. Lemons grow on Trees not vines but each branch can have many shoots they may make it look like a vine.

Hot Sox Lemon Sock starts on a Sky Blue background with Sunglow Yellow and Tangerine Edges.The stems are an India Green. The pattern runs from below the Cuffs to the Toes. This is a Medium Size and This Style Sock.

Sock Size 9 – 11 Fits Shoe Size 4- 10.5

Made in Korea

45% Cotton

34% Polyester

19% Nylon

02% Spandex

Exclusive of Elastic

Machine Wash Cold Do Not Bleach

Tumble Dry Low

$ 6.00

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