Foot Traffic Mens Football Socks

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Does anyone ever really put Football on the back burner? There is always something going on in the news about the teams, the coaches, the players and where, when they are going, staying, moving or retiring. Even news about the Footballs themselves. Good to know that these Football Socks won't let your feet deflate! Pig bladders were really used at first along with leather and laces to tie the leather over the bladder. Now using Rubber to make the balls, the laces are not needed to bind the ball but used for gripping. 

Foot Traffic Men's Football Socks are made with Medium Brown Cuff, Heel and Toes. The Football is a Russet Brown with White Laces and Black Stitching around the Laces with Black Eyelets.

Made in Taiwan
Men's Size
Fits Shoe Size 7-12

Washing Instructions:
Machine Wash Warm
Do Not Bleach 
Dry Low Heat

65% Cotton
15% Nylon
15% Polyester 
05% Spandex

$ 7.50 $ 9.00

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