Foot Traffic Fox Slipper Sock

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The Fox has been regarded as a sneak and in human terms can be considered a thief. The Fox, most of its time just hangs out in the wild with a bunch of family members. It eats small rodents and will eat berries. In North America the most endangered Fox is the Kit Fox, with the San Joaquin Kit Fox possibly the most endangered sub-species.

Foot Traffic Fox Slipper Sock is most likely a Red Fox. The background color for this Sock is Rust. The Dark Brown lines are fur changes in color. On the Soles of the Sock between the Heel and Toes are White Rubber Non-Skid Dots. The Face of the Fox is at the Top of the Toe. It is Rust and has a White Mask with a Sienna Forehead and a Dark Brown Nose Line that ends with a Black Nose. The Eyes and inside Ears are also Black. This sock comes in a size Medium.

Made in Taiwan
Women's Size 
Fits Shoe Size 4-10

Washing Instructions:
Machine Wash Warm
Do Not Bleach 
Dry Low Heat

76% Cotton
12% Nylon 
09% Spandex
03% Rubber
$ 6.00 $ 8.00

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