FBF Frogs All Over Socks

Product Description

For Bare Feet is Discontinuing this Sock! 3 Left in Stock then Sold Out

Frogs All Over is a Womens No Show sock.  It has a Green band, heel and toe.  The first frog is about to leap off the sock and is between the band and heel.  These frogs are Happy Hopping Frogs and will make you happy and others who may see them.  This is a FUN sock to wear.  If you love frogs, if you love bright green this is a sock for you. The frogs are light green, yellow, tan and black with an outline of green.  This sock comes in size Medium.   Check out the Size Chart for Socks if you need help in figuring out a size. This sock has a matching childrens sock Frogs Children so you can all wear Happy Hopping Frogs!

Made in the USA
76% Technifit Polyester
21% Nylon
02% Spandex
01% Rubber
Elastic: Nylon, Latex Rubber
Technifit  provides abrasion resistance for continual durability wash after wash.
Technifit contains a moisture management system, channeling perspiration and moisture out of the sock where it can quickly evaporate, helping keep your feet dry and healthy. 
Anatomically formed heel for perfect fit.
$ 10.00

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