FBF Chihuahua Head Sock

Product Description

Sold Out and Discontinued

Our Chihuahua Head sock starts with a White Background and has bold Black letters spelling out Chihuahua on the flip side of the cuff making this sock an anklet.  When the cuff is up you see the head of the Chihuahua and it makes this sock a crew style.  The Heel and Toe are a Light Tan.  The Chihuahua Head is colored with Light Tan, Golden Brown, Chocolate Brown, Dark Brown, Black for Detail, such as Eyes, Nose Mouth and outline.  There is a little Rose Pink detail for the Chihuahua's Ears, so perky and ready to play. There are paws in Golden Brown along the foot of the sock.

This sock comes in size Medium.  Please check the Size Chart if you need help.
$ 7.50 $ 10.00

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