Dog Is Good Never Sleep Alone Sleep Shirt

Product Description
Raise your hand if you have slept with your dog. Okay, you in the Dark Suit over there your hand isn't raised I bet you did do it once when you were little no fibbing here. Now I can say I have slept with Medium Size Dogs and Large Dogs I have yet to sleep with a Toy Breed (not counting stuff animals here) or an Extra Large Breed that needs a King Size bed just for itself! 

Dog is Good Never Sleep Alone Sleep Shirt is all about how we let our Dogs into our lives and then somehow they sneak, crawl, howl or give you deep dark brown puppy eyes to get up on our beds. That's it we're done for and they are there for a lifetime. This Shirt is called Sage Green and has a great Orange Pillow with a Big Brown Dog Silhouette on it with White Lettering saying, "Never Sleep Alone " The back has its own sayings with a Rust Orange Dog and a Brown Pillow.

Made in Pakistan Printed in USA
100% Ringspun Cotton with Enzyme Wash Pre-shrunk Comes in S to 2XL
Right now in 2XL.
$ 32.00

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