Chunky Cable Fingerless Gloves

Product Description
Chunky Cable Fingerless Gloves are made with Bright Duel Colors that work together.  The Top Band and Fingerless Band are one color and the Chunky Cable area is what we name the color for our Gloves.  The fingerless part is a band where the thumb sits on one side of the knot and your four fingers are on the other side.  This glove is approximately 13 inches long.  Think of this glove as what your Grandma, mom or you would knit for yourself if you had the time.  Simple, Creative and Colorful.

At this time we carry this fingerless glove in 2 colors, Black and Teal. The Black Fingerless Glove has Gold Bands,  The Teal Fingerless Glove has Fuchsia Bands. 

Made in the USA

One Size

Machine Wash Warm
Gentle Cycle, No Bleach
Tumble Dry Low Temp

$ 4.00 $ 12.00

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