b. ella Elle Sock

Product Description
Elle is an Elephant. Looking at her with just the silhouette she appears to be an African Elephant. What do you think? She has round ears that were my clue to the artists drawing. Elle is a Thin Style Sock made by b. ella and is in their Lightweight Collection. It is a Cozy Sock made of a Cotton blend.

Elle background color is Taupe from Cuff to Toe. Under the Cuff are Vertical Lines in Black that look like a fence to keep Elle and her Herd in the Sock. Don’t break those lines Elle may take her Herd off the Sock and onto your legs! Elle is in Black Silhouette from below the Vertical Lines to the seam in the Toe.

Women's Sock Size 9-11
Fits Shoe Size 5-10
Made in USA of Imported Yarns
60%  Cotton
35%  Nylon
01%  Spandex
Machine Wash Warm 
Gentle Cycle, No Bleach 
Tumble Dry, Low Temp
$ 8.00

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